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Apps Development is the set of the processes and procedures involved in writing softwares in all kinds of devices. There are two types of app creation one is Mobile Application Development and Second is Web Application Development.Let me make a difference between both. Mobile Applications are specifically written to take the advantage of the unique advantage of the unique features of mobile devices particularly. And the Web Application can give you the best experience on the web only. BMDU is ensuring you have a great experience out of both. Now-a-days iOS from Google and Android from Google. Including a full web browser. Android devices also come preloaded with similar apps and you can install more of that using Google Play Store. This is the basic need for clients to build an app to offer best user and sales offers.

What are the Service Best Android App Development Company in India providing you?

  1. 1 . Mobile Application Service using PHP Development
  2. 2 . iPhone Application Service using web application development
  3. 3 . Android Application Service using Custom CMS development
  4. 4 . iPad Application Service using Wordpress Development

Now-a-days iOS from Google and Android from Google. Including a full web browser. Android devices also come preloaded with similar apps and you can install more of that using Google Play Store.

App Development Company in Noida.

Types of the Apps service we provide at special packages.

Native Application

These are the applications built using the integrated development environment and language for mobile such as OSes and Apple iOS or Google Android. Native Apps enable you to customize all the necessary features.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid applications are the web apps that act like native apps but there is a change of technology such as HTML, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets CSS. Hybrid Apps are considered good but in the comparison of native apps they aren’t that rich in features.

Progressive Web Apps

The progressive Web Apps mixs ubiquity across devices and operating systems. Its user centered security model. BM Digital Utilization is a company specialized in progressive web apps development.


What are the best platforms on which you Develop Apps?

Our team can provide you with almost all types of apps such as Native Application, iOS, Android, Hybrid and Progressive website Application. Get best App Development services in India.

Can you build an application for iOS and Android both?

Yes, although most of the apps support iOS and Android mobile platforms. But it is common for people to work across web & mobile devices. We use a development framework that enables you for the quick and support for both the platforms. We work for you to make your application run on both iOS and Android smoothly.

How can I ensure that my IP is protected or not?

Before starting action on any of the projects, we let you read and agree on a statement. The statement is all about the technology we are about to use while building your app and how we will use the source code and technology according to their needs. In addition to making the process more visible our developer team also has the same kind of agreement that they will not take the source code out of the office premises. The developer can’t use source code for any other project.

How much will it cost to develop an app?

The cost metters on the complexity and preferences you want with your application. Other types of contribution factors are graphic used, sound effect, platform chosen and more on… As soon as you will let us know your requirement and your application purpose we will calculate the adjusted cost of your app.

Can you help me in marketing and launching my app?

Our team and experts are professional, have experience of years and know well how to handle the marketing and submission process smoothly. They will help you throughout the whole process. In app promotion and direct add via social networking site and analytics tools other methods to promote apps.

Do you provide maintenance service?

BMDU is well known for providing all full cycle solutions. From conceptualization till post sale and maintenance support, we are always with you to support your business and to make your app bug-free. Be tension free while working with a lifetime supporting App Development company.

Do you build web applications too?

Yes, in fact every mobile app is built with a web based application. Even all the logged in apps are the web server in the background to serve you the data you are asking for. Whether the app asked you for permission to log in or to logout, that is a web based application. We do provide web app development services too.

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