Why should you care about Digital Marketing Today?

There is a specific volume of audience for all businesses and organizations, potential employers, current employees and their business partners. Can be easily via this medium. Digital Media includes all mediums with an increasingly growing targeted audience. As if to talk about India there are more than 300 million people who are using Digital media.

Career prospects in Digital Marketing?

In the late 90s or in early 2000 the Digital marketing or IT industry was on its peak. The momentum was so high and anyone wanted to enter IT that time. The industry grew with growth. That’s why the industry is looking to inquire about this jump in and probably this industry will grow time by time as everything is shifting online.

The training can add quality to your life

  • Freshers can start a good professional life : Who are interested in the Digital Marketing Field. They can start their profession with the profile of a professional digital marketer.
  • Students and Homemakers : If you are a homemaker or a student, You can make money online and can add supportive income to your family.
  • Job Seeker : Finding a job but rejected just because you don’t have experience.

Career option after being a Digital Marketer

  1. 1.Content Writer
  2. 2. Inbound Marketing Manager
  3. 3.Search Engine Marketer
  4. 4.Digital Marketing Manager
  5. 5.SEO Executive
  6. 6.Copywriter
  7. 7.Conversion Rate Optimizer

BM Digital Utilization provides Placement

  • BM Digital Utilization gives you the opportunity to grow. We provide placement after completing the course.
  • We facilitate students in developing a professional and standard Resume.
  • Our organization contains english spoken , Group Discussions, Presentation skills, Mock interview which helps to solve the problems students face.
  • We get you positioned in the top IT company of Noida.
1. Best Digital Marketing Training in Noida

We provide best digital marketing training in Noida. Our courses covers digital marketing, Google Adwords, SEO (Search engine Optimization), Social Media marketing and Google Analytics.
Get ready to launch your digital marketing career.

2. Digital Marketing Courses in Noida

We provide best digital marketing training in Noida. Our courses covers digital marketing, Google Adwords, SEO (Search engine Optimization), Social Media marketing and Google Analytics.
Get ready to launch your digital marketing career.
We provide best digital marketing training in Noida. Our courses covers digital marketing, Google Adwords, SEO (Search engine Optimization), Social Media marketing and Google Analytics.

Get ready to launch your digital marketing career.

  1. Why should one care about Digital Marketing today?

Ans :   Today for any organisation their target audience which includes customers, potential employees, current employees,their partners all of them are on to this medium. Digital media includes social media another mediums given their target audience is on this medium and that number is increasingly growing like in India lot we have 300 million people who are on this medium. So there is no reason no organisation would not want to tap to this medium. That is the reason, why digital marketing has grown exponentially and Asia is  ahead of the curve. So that fundamentally the reason why  someone would want to leverage digital marketing.

  1. Career prospects in Digital Marketing?

Ans:Late 90s or early 2000 IT was at its peak. The momentum was so high anyone who entered into the IT at that point of time that they really grew. That’s exactly the face today digital marketing is going through. THe way we saw eye the momentum is so large that anyone who enters into this industry today will going to get growth even no one will be able to expect you as down the line.  THat’s why we invite anyone who is looking at building at own enquiry about this industry should jump in , because probably this is the best time to enter this industry.

  1. Who should attend digital marketing Course?

Ans : Now there are different kinds of people who can leverage or who can benefit through our digital marketing courses. I’ll share some of the major categories of people who could benefit through this course.

First is sales and marketing professionals : Anyone who connected with sales and marketing including advertising, PR, Branding. Today is the opportunity to leverage digital marketing. Now one it will directly impact their professional role in terms of their current job profile, second going through our courses like Digital marketing training will help them move forward in their career by accelerating their career growth within the organisation or moving to a new career opportunity.   

Next significant group of people who benefit through our digital marketing certification course is fundamentally Entrepreneurs or business owners . For whom objective is learn and leverage digital marketing to grow their organisation. Whether your objective is  brand building or lead generation or customer acquisition or some other business objective you want to accomplish digital can play a significant role.

The third category of people who regularly participate in our course is Digital marketing professionals. There are lots of people in digital marketing who understand some part of digital marketing well. For example there could be SEO experts or SEM experts but all these years people have realised that knowing one skill is fine but someone wants to grow really fast for example heading as a digital marketing position in a large brand or an agency one needs to have a complete horizon of digital marketing. Whether it is email marketing, analytics or inbound marketing, affiliate marketing or another aspect of digital marketing if someone doesn’t know it's very difficult to grow vertically. That’s the reason lots of people are already into digital marketing but don't know the entire landscape are participating and benefiting through our course.

The next category is students , students could include graduate, management students and even engineering students can leverage this opportunity to a rewarding career. This is the best time to enter into this industry. There are so many job opportunities , actually there is a challenge for organisation to get talent who understand digital marketing well and today anyone who is an MBA who doesn’t know digital marketing I think it's very soon the writing will be on the wall that they will be left behind if they don't know digital.

  1. Who will award the Digital Marketing Certification?

Ans: The certification is offered by Digimark Agency in association with Digital Marga. Digital Marga is a government of India initiative so once you go through the course and take the exams you got a joint certificate from digimark agency.

  1. Can you brief about course curriculum?

Ans: Giving you an ability to be able to be quickly to create online presence by taking digital marketing in the website development approach going forward leveraging all areas in digital marketing to promote a product and service by using aspects like SEO, SEM, SMM, Email marketing, Inbound marketing,affiliate marketing, mobile marketing and finally giving you ability to be able to measure the performance by leveraging web analytics is what get covered into this 6 months of master certification course and more than the content which covered the real value of this  course is you don't just learn theoretical aspects but you go really deeper to be able to experience and explore various topics so that you have enough confidence to be able to apply and produce real results not just after the course but while you are in the course.That is our commitment that anyone who join our course gets real confidence to apply what they learn to produce results while they are in the course.

  1. Please brief me on trainers profile

Ans: One of the key aspects of this course is the kind of people who are behind creating the curriculum who are leading the trainings. Now the founding team Digimark Agency including myself have created overall design in curriculum for this course and then we have involved various industry experts. So there are people we don't have anyone who teaches multiple areas because we believe that every aspect is an ocean in itself so we have separate trainer for every module. So whether it is SEO or SEM , SMM, Email marketing we have an expert who takes you through that individual module and these people could be located in different locations including outside India. And that is one of the advantage is we offering this course in online medium.

  1. Will I get hands on experience ?

Ans: Our commitment is when you are into this course you don't just learn concepts theoretically. You experience it you experiment with some of the tools you create real campaign so that you gain that confidence to be able to apply the concepts and tools and produce real results. And for that to happen we have a very strong structure. So we have instructor live sessions which helps you go through various concepts, tools, principles, and also gives you an opportunity to get your work being reviewed directly by an instructor. But far more important is what happens before between two live sessions, in those two live sessions you undergo various kinds of assignments. So one is you will have weekly assignments, every module have a project . For example there could be a project which will help you understand implementing a tool or there could be a project where you create a live campaign. Then you have weekly assignments in the form of researching on concept on case study or a tool which get covered. And you present in the research and in form of a blog post which goes live on our website. So we give you that kind of a remote internship program which is included in this. So how you leverage or benefit through that internship program is you enrich and send them you learning by doing a research and presenting your research in the form of a blog post which is live through your name. And throughout the duration of this course you are connected with your fellow participants you are connected with your lead trainers so that at any point of time if you need any support to go through challenges you can do that. So that finally you will be able to use the learning and produce real results.

  1. Why online? Does it really work?

Ans: 5 years back when we started our programs we largely used to do 2 days social media marketing workshop or digital marketing workshop. And through that workshop keep question we were addressing was why social media or why digital marketing. Now over these years we realise that the question why social media or why digital marketing has changed to how digital marketing? So what was really needed for us was to offer a course rather than a workshop because for us to be able to have you get an answer to how a workshop cannot address that. So we needed a long term structure. Now we could do that off line we could do that online. But as I shared 4 yrs back we started experimenting with online specially looking into the way the education was going online across the world. And because of the band width over technology advancement we were really sure after few months into the online  course experiment online is far more valuable. Now I would want to share some more key reasons why we offer our course in an online format. One, it significantly saves your time. We have a 3 hrs session we were to call you to come to a particular place to spend almost 3hrs just in travel that would be a huge loss of time. Its significantly saves your money. Then the chances of you missing the course you are significantly lower because as long as you are in the same time zone you can attend the course from anywhere. And given a 6 months course we understand you may come up with travel which was not plan earlier. So if you are going through an online medium then your chances of missing any sessions significantly reduces. Then even if you miss up class you get the recording of that session. And even in the main course session is online then you get the recording of that is very much in sync with what you got otherwise learning. Most important you are connected throughout the course with your fellow participants and with your lead trainers. Which and even during the live session during the course you will realise that online medium is far more interactive. And offers far more benefits enough physical classroom . That's  the reason why we move to online and we have sticked to online after validating now over 4 years.

  1. What will happen if I miss any sessions?

Ans:  First the chances of missing you a session a low but 6 months is a long period and there could be something an emergency or something which you can not miss. So in that case if you miss any session every session is recorded . So we give you the recording of that session. Anyone if you have attended a session you want to review through that you would be able to do by going through the recording and again there is an advantage that is this is an online medium. In an offline classroom its very difficult to give you a recording and typically it doesn’t work. Then some of you are interested in building a career , forwarding a career in this industry you may want to know do we help you move forward by providing a right a job assistance. And answer to that is big yes. You know as I shared earlier as 5 yrs we have trained over 4500 people from more than 2000 organisations. We have done close to 100 corporate trainings itself. So almost every kind of brand and agency across India we are connected with. And every week we get couple of them reaching out to us asking us that do we have people who recommend for them to hire. So that is the reason why we are able to assist the participants of our people to get a new job in this industry. Because there are several agencies and brands who keep coming to us asking for people who have been part of our course.

  1. Will I be able to clear Google Certification?

Ans:  Google offers google certification. Earlier it was paid and now a days  it is free. Google certification is largely limited to google adwords program  because that is what google wants to promote.  And we have as shared as one of our key module is search engine marketing. Now that module covers actually far more than even google adwords. So if you are part of that module for you to pass google certification will be very easy. But real learning of that module is far more than just a google adwords program. But if your objective is to get google certification you will be able to get that.

  1. What kind of batches weekend or weekday?

Ans: Currently two kind of batches we are offering . One is weekend batch where there is a live session on every saturday from 10 am to 1.30 pm IST. And we offer a second batch which is on every weekday Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm to 9.30 pm IST. So either of the batches you can choose and both batches will continue for 24 weeks around 6 months.

  1. Can I complete Digital marketing course in 3 months?

Ans: Yes, because you can choose to participate in both the batches. If you participate in weekend batch as well as weekdays batch and we will help you to choose the different modules so that your learning completely different in both two modules and cover everything in 3 months.  Actually there are lot of people who are currently in our course and completing this digital marketing course in 3 months. And that is possible for you as well.

  1.  What’s the course fee? Can I pay in installments?

Ans: The fee for this course is we have a discounted fee of 49,900 plus service tax. And if there  are 3 or people we will give 15 % group discount as well. And there is an option to pay in installments as well. So who's ever you are in touch with our team they will help you participate they will help you register accordingly. You have an option to participate in each module but when you do that you end up in 71400, so if you participate in 6 months course you get that price of 49900.

  1. What kind of support do you provide?

Ans: We help you enrich your learning in digital marketing through various kinds of support systems. One is throughout the course duration you are connected with your fellow participants, your lead trainers through a learning management system. So that at any point of time you have a question you can ask. We have a QNA platform so that you can get answer to the question which is not being answered through may be a live session. Or something within Digital marketing you may want to get  answer for. During the course itself every week we invite an industry expert and do a webinar. And that webinar is also free and you have an opportunity to learn through various people through various case study and that is another structure we have and that stays with you ever. So while you are directly in touch with us through the course for six months but through the recordings of the sessions which are accessible and able to you throughout the life time and through the various webinars we do you have a life time support to deepen your learning in digital marketing as you are associated with us.

  1. I don’t know technology, will this course work for me?

Ans: Lot of us have believe that digital marketing is technology. Now technology place a role technology is an enabler but fundamentally its marketing and someone to be able to leverage digital marketing one does not need to technology. There are aspects of technology like building a mobile application or doing any technical implementation on website for that you could always tech support of an internal team or freelancer or an agency. But fundamentally you to leverage the opportunity of digital marketing you don't need to be a technologist as long as you can access this session I think you are qualified to leverage and benefit  to this course.  

  1. Can I participate in Individual module (Eg:- SEO)?

Ans: Yes, you can participate in one module. However based on our experience I would recommend that before you decide to jump into a particular area with digital marketing you should have in entire landscape be clear to you. Because one of the common mistake people make is they start doing SMM because that is what everyone else is doing or that is what they know or that's what  been hearing about. Now social media marketing is great but that may not be the best opportunity for you or far more important is look into how you can do an integrated digital marketing. So that's why we recommend that before you jump into an individual module you should understand the entire landscape. And also eventually you will leverage cross leverage various aspect with in digital. For example social can be used to improve your performance in SEO. And thats why more that 95% of the people participate in our course and doing 6 months certification. And another advantage is cost advantage I shared earlier.

  1. How many participants have pursued digital marketing course?

Ans: At any point of time there are couple of 100 people who are in this course. Including right now. So there are multiple batches are going on and in every batch there are maximum of 30 people . So right now there are couple of 100 people who have pursued this course. And as we are moving forward every month that number is only increasing. Overall last I have shared 5 years we have trained over 4500 people.

  1. Is Digital marketing course valuable for international participants?

Ans: Yes, In every batch there are people who are from other geographies in Asia who participate in our course. Largely I would say south east Asia, Singapore, Malaysia and definitely middle east. These are the typical geographies from where people participate in our course. Now there are multiple reasons for people outside India to participate in our course. One is because of online they can take it one page of that. Second,  the real value of this course is a learning and the content also we covered ,we look into both the local and international case studies. If you are from outside India you learn a lot from Indian case study you learn from Indian national case studies as well. In terms of the certification you get a joint certificate from digimark Agencyand Digital Marga. Though Digital Marga is being a  government of India initiative will not have a formal recognition in any other country but even it is from government of India, I think if you speak to someone and say that definitely it will have a value. And also given the kind of training we have done across Asia Digimark Agency also has a presence and recognition across especially in Asia. I don’t think we have any strong credibility in Europe or American market but definitely in Asia and Middle East.

  1. I have 5+ years of experience, will Digital marketing course be useful?

Ans:   As this industry is evolving there are different kind of people which are needed, there are people who are needed at free level. And as this industry has become bigger and bigger even more people are needed level of the team, team leader level, team manager level overall heading digital marketing. And at that place the people who are needed and the people who comes from traditional sales and marketing as well. Because though it is digital marketing the fundamentals of marketing doesn’t change. So in a large organisation is looking at hiring people, they know that their budget is going to comprise of traditional as well as digital. Now digital pay is increasing. But that doesn’t mean digital is placing traditional. So if any organisation is spending 20% in digital 80 % is still going conventional. So if you are into our from sales and marketing back around you may have a  7-8 even up to 10 years of experience then you adding this skill or competency will play a very fundamental role in you accelerating your growth. And there are lot of  people who have 5,7 , 10 years of conventional sales and marketing experience who are benefiting through this course.

  1. I’m an engineer, How will Digital marketing course be useful?

Ans: If you look at the people who are representing this industry high percentage of the people who are engineers including ourselves. If you look at the kind of people who are large positions in this industry i think very high percentage of that is engineers. As long as you have good communication skills, you have strong analytical skills you can definitely play a leading role in this industry.

  1. How will I get digital marketing course certification?

Ans:  This is a master certification course, for you to get the digital marketing certification after you have been through the course you need to take an exam. So that exam would be administered as one of the aptech centres across India , once you pass that exam you get the certificate which is a joint certificate from Digimark Agency and Digital Marga. That exam is an online exam done at Aptec centre and you need to have more than 50% to clear that exam

  1. We work with an agency , How Digital marketing course be useful?

Ans: When you are working with an agency , digital marketing or social media marketing agency what you expect from them what is your own role in helping you improve the ROI of your relationship with the agency is very very important. Unless you understand that unless you are participating the role in creating strategy, creating content, creating processes your agency is not going to do any magic for you. So we strongly recommend that even if you are directly not to implement that  digital marketing in your organisation the ROI relationship with your agency can be multiply if you are yourself clear about how this medium works. That’s why lot of people from large organisations who work with an agency participate in this course.

  1.  We are hiring DM Pros. How will digital marketing course will be useful?

Ans:  The way you want to maximise your ROI with agency you would want to maximise your return with your in house team. All kind of people you would want to hire what kind of broad level strategy you should create, what is the importance of content and other resources within digital marketing if you are not clear your internal team is not going to work. For that’s why become again equally important for you to learn and know digital marketing. Because then what strategy you plan, what kind of people you should hire, what you should get from them, what you should use all of that will get cleared and thus you will have really strong ROI of this medium for you.

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