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Video Production is the process to start with coming up with a great concept and a great and creative plan to opt the concept in the mind, the team moves with writing the script and scouting the shoot location. With a good concept within the mind. When it’s time for a shoot, the production team will be ready with all the equipment such as camera, lighting and sound system. This is the magic our team has to give you the finest touch of video production.

BMDU ‘s role in your world class Commercial video production

We are considered as the BM Digital Utilization Agency made a lot of corporate event films all over the world for myriad reasons. For the branding whilst other then the internal communication yet the reason is that all have one of the main criteria. Those must be unique and great videos. Well we are here to give you the best experience.

We have broadly outlined the task of making a corporate video to 4 simple steps.

BM Digital Utilization is the video and Digitalutilization Company talented enough for their profession. In our bright career we deal with a lot of demo videos, explainer videos and onboarding videos. Get unique and stylish 2D animation , Line ART, White board animation and Whiteboard animation. Craft animated video with a good explanation can add a successful turn in your digital marketing journey. Our well skills have the high and new opportunity of business to our clients.
Specialized in understanding your requirement and need of the market to be a sugar cube for leads and sales. We are determined to give you a market solution under your pocket budget and with our special packages.
With the foresight, vision, approaches and fruitful perspective / plans. Our aim is to deliver you the videos as per your business requirement and taste of your target audience. Ready to add empower and rocket speed into your business with this efficient tool to effect and attract customers. BM Digital Utilization is a frontier company presenting the advancement of India. There are a huge number of satisfied and happy clients served with our 2D motion graphic, Video animation and production service. Our ultimate goal is the delivery of every project on time and with bestest Explainer Videos.

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Video Production FAQ's

1.Do you provide scriptwriting , or do we have to write the script on our own?

BM Digital Utilization provides you complete scriptwriting and creative development services - We know all your production meetings, phone calls and creative briefs. Our expert team prepares all content and information and then takes action after receiving the expectation of customers.

2. What is the main difference between 3D Animation or Motion Graphic?

3D Animation & Motion graphics blend everything together, but there is a big difference. Motion Graphic speaks about presenting and describing text, colour, shapes and logos in an animated environment combined into a video project. On the other hand 3D animation is a project with a lot of animations and is considered more impressive and flashy. There is much more consideration and planning in 3D motion graphics.

3. How much will it cost to produce a Video?

As in general every Video production project is different, but in general 30 second commercial video costs around (an average only) $2,000 - $20,000 Can be less or more than this. Before starting a project you have to fill out our Get A Quote form. After that there will be a huge discussion on the project.

4. Can video Increase Traffic to my Website?

Well known platform Youtube owned by Google is an interesting platform to post informative and relevant videos. People post their brand and business videos to increase the engagement of the audience and to rank their business on search engines.

5.How can I own right (copyright) to my video?

Yes, you can own the right of your videos, we retain the right of publication and share of your video only to you so that no one can share your video to anyone until and unless you are allowed to do so.

6. What is the best way / method to communicate the vision for the video we need?

Well to know the idea to communicate the vision for the video we need, you can fill out the Project Starter Worksheet to get help for implementing your vision into the production process. The idea could be better understood after discussing the production process of the project.

7. How much will it cost for the Production of a Commercial Video?

This totally depends upon the difficulty of your video project. Size, video length, number of animation and many other factors will be helpful to decide a reusable amount of cost.

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